Ugly Hookah Flavors

Sergeant Huckleberry

A combination of sweet & sour berry mix flavors.

Roller Coaster

A combination of apple citrus liquorice blend flavors.

Purple Breeze

A combination of grape mix with mint flavors.

Island Mama

A combination of tropical fruit cocktail flavors.

Hit Me

Desert Storm

A combination of sweet cactus with a touch of lemon flavors.

Chi-Town Breeze

A combination of chocolate coconut flavor perfectly balanced along with a lite cooling minty finish.

Citrus Breeze

A combination of citrus flavors perfectly balanced along with a lite cooling minty finish...

Grapefruit Mint

A tasty and tangy true-to-form Grapefruit taste along with a lite cooling minty finish, and a delicious grapefruit aroma. The grapefruit is definitely a more dominant aspect of this shisha, though the mint is lite but certainly noticeable and compliments the mix perfectly.

Watermelon Mint

A deliciously sweet watermelon flavor with a cooling sensation.

Secret Agent

Is it a blend of orange and berries? grapefruit and pineapple, or citrus with a touch of pineapple and berries? Take a puff and see if you can crack the “Secret”.

Pomegranate Flavor

When you experience the smokeable paradise of unique sweet and tart berry taste of Ugly Hookah Pomegranate, you will immediately discover why the Pomegranate is known as the original forbidden fruit.

Orange Keef

The perfect balance of the sweetness and bitterness of natural orange combined with a cooling effect when you exhale.

Mint Flavor

We combined the old fashioned sweet peppermint stick flavor and perfectly balanced it in a delicious mix of cool mild sweetness. This is already a very popular shisha flavor, and once that icy Mint blast hits you, you’ll see why “UGLY” never tasted so good.

Ma Wardi

A combination of our delicious mixed fruit flavors with an undertone of peach and perfectly balanced with sweetness.


A combination of delicious mixed fruit flavors with an undertone of guava.

Lemon Mint Flavor

Our Lemon Mint is a true Lemon flavor with a light mint, it doesn’t have that overwhelming mint flavor you get with other brands and taste more like a “Lemon Head”.

Guava flavor

The tropical taste of a fresh Guava packed with that unique flavor that you might get when you cross a pear with a strawberry combined with the delicious sweetness that you can expect from Ugly Hookah Tobacco.