Why Ugly Never Tasted So Good!

Our Way

QUALITY: Made in the U.S. Ugly Hookah shisha tobacco is made with the highest quality Virginia FC tobacco and it is cut and prepared at our Oak Lawn, Illinois facility. We use a high quality honey & molasses mixture and each of our flavors is made with only the best flavor extracts gathered from all over the globe. Every new batch of our shisha flavors is inspected for quality before it is packaged to insure your satisfaction, see for yourself why “UGLY NEVER TASTED SO GOOD”

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Ugly Hookah Tobacco believes in the satisfaction of its customers. Our customers know what they want from their hookah session and your comments and feedback is very important to us, that’s why we put total emphasis on your satisfaction and unlike most other shisha companies, we listen to your suggestion

Our Ambitious Goals

  • To be the highest quality best tasting shisha brand in the industry
  • To continue to deliver a smooth long lasting shisha session to our smokers
  • To listen to our smokers feedback and comments
  • Our smokers know what they want out of their shisha tobacco and their comments and feedback are very important to us.